How does DTSS service get invoked?


How does the DTSS service get invoked?


Data Tenant Subscription Service, or DTSS, is a powerful and unique technology built into the Reltio Modern Data Management architecture.

It enables the seamless sharing of data between Reltio tenants, without any external ETL or integration effort. 

A DTSS connection involves a tenant that is acting in the role of a Data Tenant (DT) which serves as the source of data. It also involves another tenant that is acting in the role of a Customer Tenant (CT) that is receiving the data from the DT. A tenant can serve as both a DT and a CT simultaneously. For example, tenant B sits between tenant A and tenant C. B is receiving records from A, but also providing records to tenant C (and D, and E...)

DTSS is a service that runs on its own and listens for events coming from the DTs.

Each event carries a topic such as "HMS" or "NPI".

DTSS checks the Customer Tenant  [ CT's ]  to see which topics they are registered for, then DTSS propagates info from a DT to a CT accordingly.

If the DTSS is turned off, the message will accumulate on the queue and will get processed when DTSS is re-enabled.



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