What types of data sources are supported for data enrichment?


What types of data sources are supported for data enrichment?


Reltio supports a Data Tenant architecture, where a data provider can load their entire dataset and make it available to be integrated into the Customer universe. In this architecture, Reltio takes care of mapping the various 3rd party data assets to the baseline Reltio schema for Life Sciences and eliminates the need for any additional ETL processing of 3rd party data (from the Reltio data tenant to the Customer tenant). Any updates provided by the data provider are fed into the Data tenant and updates are propagated to the Customer tenant via a pub-sub mechanism.

Enrich Connected Customer 360 profiles with public or third-party data subscriptions.

Reltio’s portfolio of Data as a Service partnership ecosystem includes selected data partners who have loaded their full volume of reference data into the Reltio Connected Cloud, or have made their data available through a productized connector to their API, enabling one-click access to that data by any Reltio customer who holding a license agreement with the partner for that data.




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