Why is workflow not visible in the UI?


We have found that for the Final Finished Goods entity "25hLE9yE" in the DEV tenant no workflow is visible in the UI. However, on checking using the API call to retrieve all process instances active on the entity "25hLE9yE", we found that "processInstanceId": "80893671" is returned.





  • Check processInstance definition
curl --location --request 
'https://prod-workflow.reltio.com/workflow-adapter/workflow/<tenantId>/processInstances/_search' \
--data-raw '{"objectURIs" : ["entities/25hLE9yE"]}'
  • Check the process tasks
curl --location --request 
GET 'https://prod-workflow.reltio.com/workflow-adapter/workflow/<tenantId>/processInstances/80893671?showTaskVariables=true&showProcessVariables=true&showTaskLocalVariables=true' \
  • Get the task details
curl --location --request GET 'https://prod-workflow.reltio.com/workflow-adapter/workflow/<tenantId>/tasks/80893691' \ 
--header 'EnvironmentURL: https://dev.reltio.com' \
--data-raw ''
  • Check each task in the process. If you have a "valid": false then check validation message is "validationMessage".  If these tasks have the same OOTB validator -

    <activiti:formProperty id="validator" name="Validator" type="string" writable="false" default="com.reltio.workflow.core.task.validator.DataChangeRequestValidator" />

    This validator requires workflow task to be related with a DCR and DCR must be on the first place in objectURIs field. Since these tasks do not conform to these requirements validation fails and tasks are marked as invalid. We don’t display invalid tasks in UI.

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