Why I am seeing TOO_MANY_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS_WITH_NEW_CROSSWALK error when I am performing an update?


Please note that the Team did a data load of 1382515 out of which 80567 failed.
Error produced in the error log

CommonException: Code: TOO_MANY_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS_WITH_NEW_CROSSWALK; Message parameters:
[configuration/sources/VeevaCRM/Address/791510e32af05a6c10d4b39e0cf8e03f]. Too many
requests are trying to update the data for the following crosswalks:
Too many concurrent requests are trying to update the data with same crosswalks.
Please try again later.


When you see the error message TOO_MANY_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS_WITH_NEW_CROSSWALK error happens when there are simultaneous requests that contains the same crosswalk that is new for the system.

It happens when we try to save data into storage and sees that it was already modified by another thread. To resolve a conflict we will try to repeat the operation and if that attempt fails we throw an exception.

When we load files, there are some entities that interfere with each other. It can be directly, or indirectly. Indirectly, means that you are updating addresses, belonging to one HCP (and HCP has a reference attribute "Address"). In this case, some batches might be dropped as the threshold of retry attempts was exceeded.
Reltio's data loader looks through the entire file and forms the one entity update in case we have two in the file. But, even there we have the possibility of a "Too many requests..." error (because of indirect updates).


repeatAllOperationsOnConflict optional parameter can be enabled on your physical tenant configuration to resolve conflicts that arise due to multiple requests.  This parameter was introduced in 2021.3.   We guarantee when the new optional parameter is enabled for the tenant that our platform will repeat requests when there is a conflict caused by simultaneous updates.


For example:  5 retries during 1 minute means it will retry only if it fails again and again for 5 times.





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