How to check if the Relation is end dated even when one of the contributed source is active?



The customer has reported that the relation is end dated even when one of the contributed sources is active.

End-dated relation has 2 contributed sources where one of them is still active, then why is the relationship is end dated?

Steps for troubleshooting

1. Check if there are recent requests to purge the queue.

2. Check with the customer if they have initially end-dated any of the crosswalks and after that re-activated one of them. 

2. Check the relations API and Below is the API.

GET https://{environment URL}/reltio/api/{tenantId}/relations/{relationId}

We found that the customer has passed "deleteDate" in "endDate" and which has made the relation inactive. 

We have to pass "deleteDate" only inside the "crosswalks" section, but not in the "endDate"


We should always pass deleteDate inside any other crosswalks which we are supposed to mark as deleted. 

We should not pass deleteDate in endDate. If passed, then the relation/entity will be end-dated.



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