Resolving "Search filter parse exception" errors


Wrong abbreviations or data accidentally entered for sources in the Reference Data Management (RDM) generate a "Search filter parse exception" error when you try to delete them.

Name: Investigator Portal 
Abbreviation : Investigator Portal
(note that this is not actually an abbreviated form of the source name, because it is not shorter than the original)



Step 1 – Login to the RDM tenant and try deleting the source with "Investigator Portal" and saving the changes.

The following error message is generated:

"Configuration Update error Search filter parse exception"

Step 2 - Check the Chrome developer console for a more detailed error message, similar to the following:

{errorCode: 400, errorMessage: "Search filter parse exception", innerErrorData: {,…}}
errorCode: 400
errorMessage: "Search filter parse exception"
innerErrorData: {,…}
exception: " filter parse exception"
innerErrorData: {exception: " end of expression",…}

Step 3 - You have established that the error is generated when the source abbreviation includes a space.


Ensure that the source abbreviation does not include any empty space between characters. In the example used here, you can resolve the error by doing the following:

  1. Change the source abbreviation from "Investigator Portal" to "Investigator_Portal"
  2. Delete the source with the Investigator_Portal abbreviation


For more information from the help portal about RDM configuration and how to update it, see the following links:




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