How to determine why SQS Message might not delivered to the External Queue? How to conduct an initial investigation?


SQS Message not captured by external queue as expected.


  • Resolving the issue starts by knowing the exact entity for which the SQS message is missing.
  • Lack of an SQS message delivery is as designed under certain conditions:
  1. Check message size. The SQS message size limit is set to 256 KB. Messages larger than that limit are rejected by the SQS queue.
  2. Verify whether the Message size for the reported entity meets or exceeds the threshold value in step 1, as shown in the screenshot below.



3. If necessary, submit a ticket to the Support team to reduce the SQS message size.

It can be done by removing some items (e.g."attributes") from "JMSEventsFilteringFields".  Plse reference below.


 "JMSEventsFilteringFields": [




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