Unmerge action is not resulting in stand-alone URI for entity


When unmerging a business object (ex. an Account named  'Canadian Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association') one would expect to see a resulting URI with 'Canadian Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association' as account name having no child or parent relationships.

Instead, the resulting URI is for one of the 'Pizza Hut West Inc's' accounts with no child or parent relationships, and 'Canadian Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association' remains intact

Entity 1 --> 'Canadian Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association'

Entity 2 --> 'Pizza Hut West Inc's'

The customer expects to see a separate profile in the UI for "Canadian Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association" with its own URI.


1) Entity 1 was "Merge By Hand" into entity 2 'Pizza Hut West Inc's'.  The entity URI for entity 1 is "entities/entityId" which is now a looser entity for entity 2. 

Merge by Hand :  This is a merge performed by a user through the API or from the UI by going through the potential matches.

I found the details by using the below API call -

GET https://{{EnvironmentUrl}}/reltio/api/{{TenantId}}/entities/{{entityId}}/_crosswalkTree 

2) Unmerge this entity only by using API call for "Unmerge Entity by Contributor URI" -

POST https://{{EnvironmentUrl}}/reltio/api/{{tenantId}}/entities/{{entityId}}/_unmerge?contributorURI=entities/{{entityId}} 

This will result in a separate URI for the desired entity.





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