Determining whether LCA is using valid credentials in settings.xml


To create a Life Cycle Actions (LCA) handler, dependencies are added in pom.xml so as to be integrated with the LCA framework using custom code, but LCA is unable to get those dependencies added during the build and identifies the operation as unauthorized.

Customers are reporting this issue using their own credentials.

Troubleshooting steps

1. Check to see whether there is any network connectivity or any firewall issue preventing access.

2. Verify whether you are using proper credentials in the Maven settings.xml configuration file.

Below is an example.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<settings xmlns=""

3. If the above settings.xml is used, verify the credentials.


Change the settings.xml file to use the credentials below, and the issue should be resolved.

Note that we should always use the credentials below to access Maven because Maven accepts these credentials for Reltio:


If you do not know the password, check with your Customer Success Manager.

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