Best practices after changing match rules?


What are the Best practices after changing match rules?


Match rules play an important role in Reltio Master Data Management (MDM). They establish how Reltio MDM classifies entities as matches with each other, as potential matches, or as auto-match candidates.

Data load tasks depend on the efficiency of match rules, as do the performance of periodic tasks like re-indexing and other consistency tasks (Memory Safe Cassandra Matches Consistency Task and Cassandra Potential Matches Consistency Task). Because match rules evolve during a project as well as after production roll-out, it would be helpful to know the best practices for using them.

  1. Always start making changes to match rules from Dev tenants.
  2. If you have any doubts or need assistance, contact your Customer Success Manager or account professional services at Reltio.
  3. Because tokens are generated according to match rules, you need to rebuild match tokens and the tables of potential matches each time you change a match rule.
  4. Run match rule analyzer after changes in order to analyze the performance of the match rules. More details about the API is given here


Match and Merge Documentation




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