Can we set a relationship so it is displayed in the Relationships tab and Activities facet to flag it so that the relationship is no longer valid for the OV?


Reference attributes such as "Address" or "Activitywith", which map to relationships, can be set to be ignored from the customer profile. This behavior works as expected when viewing the Profile page. The relationships are hidden, and in the source details of the customer profile, they are denoted with the "ignore" symbol.

The issue is when a user looks at the Relationships tab or any other Facet that refers to the relationship, it still appears to contribute to the OV. This inconsistency leads to confusion for end-users.

In this example, the Activity relationship for "Cons_SAIDA NUNEZ" is set to be ignored. This is hidden in the profile section for the "Workplace" reference attribute. However, it still appears to contribute per the Relationships tab and the Activities facet. See attached screenshots.

For this same relationship (relations/PB1WNwf) there is a setting called "endRefIgnored", which is set to true.

  • Can this setting be referenced when displaying relationships in the Relationships tab and Activities facet to flag these relationships in some way so that the user knows these are no longer valid for the OV?
  • Can the "Ignore" symbol be tagged on these relationships in the UI display?

Set a reference attribute to ignore for a customer profile.

startRefIgnored": false,
endRefIgnored": true,




Observe that it appears as active and contributing to the OV in the relationships tab and associated facets.


Is it correct to see all three relations under activities? This may be confusing if you have stated that you wish to ignore the relations.



Solution/Troubleshooting Steps

Request to retrieve a specific page of connections, containing reference objects:

 POST {TenantURL}/entities/{entity id}/_connections?limitCreditsConsumption=true



Relationship facet should NOT show this relation Cons_SAIDA NUNEZ in the relationship facet.

Request to retrieve a specific entity to show hidden attributes and a crosswalk list for attributes



The /_connections endpoint returns all relations that are not endDated (regardless of the reference attribute "ignored" flag).  

To make the relation inactive and to have the relation not displayed in the facet, set the "endDate" to some value in the past. 





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