Can you have too many match rules within a tenant?


A tenant has many match rules, and I'm worried about going over the limit on the number of match rules or losing performance. How many match rules can I have within a tenant?


We do not have an official restriction on the number of match rules in a tenant, but your match rules may be redundant if it seems there are a lot of them. Try to ensure that the number of match rules for an entity is less than or equal to 10. This is a general rule of thumb and must be considered in conjunction with your matching requirements. In addition, remove redundant or ineffective rules.

The performance of a match rule is directly related to the quality of a match rule; match rules resulting in very high tokenization cause overmatching. A single match rule creating high tokens can be a bottleneck in the system as well.

Since match rule optimization can be subjective, we recommend that you consult your CSM and seek guidance from a Solutions Architect to optimize the match rules.


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