How do I export data in a different format, like ZIP (.zip) instead of GZIP (.gz)?


Want to change the format of data export. Possibly migrated from export v1 (default ZIP) to v2 (default GZIP) and want to keep the format the same.


The physical configuration can be updated to change the export format.  Changing your physical configuration requires you to contact Reltio Support.  To see which format is currently set, run:

GET https://<envURL>/reltio/tenants/<tenantID>

In the JSON segment exportConfig there will be a line "fileCompression": "GZIP", which can be changed. The possible values are {ZIP, GZIP, NONE}.

The recommended way for exporting is to apply (“skipPostprocessing”: “true”) and use GZIP format to reach maximum performance.  If you are using ZIP, this should be changed to "skipPostprocessing”: “false".


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