Can Start/End Date be hidden or removed from the UI for entities and relations?


Can the default Start and End Date be hidden or removed from the UI for entities and relations?


Reltio Cloud provides out of the box, a Start Date and End Date attribute for all entities and relations.

When determining Activeness, the system uses a concept of Effective Date which for most uses cases is set by the system to the current date. (Later in this section you'll learn about a slight departure from that.)

An entity or relation is considered "Active" if its End Date is later than the Effective Date (or not populated) AND its Start Date is earlier or equal to the Effective Date (or not populated). Conversely, an entity or relation is considered "Inactive" if its End Date is earlier or equal to the Effective Date OR its Start Date is later than the Effective Date.

Currently, to Hide/Remove this fields you have to do UI Configuration changes and this applies only to entities and with Respect to Relations you cannot Hide/Remove this fields

For entities to hide the Start Date and End Date you can use the UI Configuration parameter - "excludeUris".

For Example - 

excludeUris Array.<String> <optional>   list of attribute type URIs. These attributes are not displayed on the current attributes view. Ignored if includeUris is present.
"point": "com.reltio.plugins.ui.view",
"id": "com.reltio.plugins.entity.attributes.AttributeView",
"class": "com.reltio.plugins.entity.attributes.AttributesView",
"attributesCount": 10,
"excludeUris": [

With Respect to hiding the Start Date and End Date for Relations- this is currently not possible with Reltio's UI configuration.


Details on Start and End Date -

feature enhancement request in Aha!: MDM-I-102


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