How can I create relationships in bulk?


How to Create Bulk Relationships In Reltio? If there is no direct way which additional tool can be used?


Currently, there is no direct way to create Relationships in bulk using Reltio Bulk Operations.

This can be done using a SnapLogic pipeline.  A SnapLogic account contains the information that Snaplogic needs to obtain and refresh an access token. Each Reltio REST request must have a valid access token in its header. Reltio Snaps requires a basic Snaplogic account to be executed in a pipeline. You use Reltio Snap connectors in a pipeline that visually specifies the flow of data from start to finish. After you have created a project and at least one account, an empty pipeline is created when you switch to the Designer tab. 

Configure and execute SnapLogic pipeline using REST

Please refer to the documentation link below for the full definition of how to set up a pipeline.

1) Log In to

2) Open 'Manager' Tab

3) Select 'Project Spaces'

4) Open 'Tasks' tab

5) Click '+' to Add new Task

6) Choose pipeline name and enable the checkbox 'Do not start a new execution if one is already active'. After choosing the pipeline name field should be filled automatically.

7) Bearer token generated automatically. 

8) Click 'Create' to create a pipeline task.


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