How can I reconfigure relationships and hierarchies?


How can I change relations/hierarchy to have, for example, Child entity as the start object and Parent entity as the end object?


Relationships, as well as entities, are the building blocks of the relationship graph. These are links between objects (entity-entity or relationship-entity). One can define different types of relationships and their taxonomies in Business Model (for example - spousal (family), employment (professional), or friend (affiliate) relationship types). As for entities, we support the "catchAll" bucket.



Relationship types can be:
  • implicit and explicit - explicit relations we want to track in a graph, while implicit are used to build entity reference attributes.
  • directed, undirected and bidirectional 
A relationship can have attributes, tags assigned to it. For example, there is an employment relationship between an Individual and an Organization. This relationship can have a "title" attribute.
It is possible to make granular changes for a relationship:

Change Attributes

PUT /entities/000AKOn/attributes/Employment/018mXMR


    "label": "",
    "relationshipLabel": "Manager",
    "value": {
        "Title": [{
            "type": "configuration/relationTypes/Employment/attributes/Title",
            "value": "Manager",
           "uri": "entities/000AKOn/attributes/Employment/018mXMR/Title/1CL"
   "uri": "entities/000AKOn/attributes/Employment/018mXMR",
    "refEntity": {
       "objectURI": "relations/018mXMR"
    "refRelation": {
        "crosswalks": [{
            "type": "configuration/sources/Reltio",
           "value": "018mXMR",
           "attributeURIs": ["entities/000AKOn/attributes/Employment/018mXMR/Title/1CL"]
      "objectURI": "relations/018mXMR"


Add/Update/Delete Crosswalks

PUT {{tenantURL}}/{{objectsType}}/{{objectId}}/crosswalks/{{crosswalkId}} 
Body: {"value": "{{value}}"
POST /entities/1/crosswalks 

Body [{ "url""""type""configuration/sources/XYZ""value""XYZ.10" }] 


Change object activeness 
PUT request on /api/<TenantId>/<object_type>/<object_id>/activeness/<attribute_type>
{ "value" :  <value_in_any_date_format> }
Please refer to the documentation below for reference. For additional help, this request should be addressed with your CSM. They will work with you to help find a way to change your data model to fit your business needs.



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