Linking an existing SFDC connector to other environment

This task is to link the existing SFDC connector from one URL to another.


  • Tenant id

  • Environment URL

  • URL of the sfdc connector to be linked to

As this is an existing SFDC profile you need to do next requests:

  1. Get the profile (doc:
    The request:

GET https://<envr url><tenant id>

2. Update the profile (doc: 
You can take the response from step1 as the base. 
The request will be: 

POST https://<envr url><tenant id>/<profile id from step 1>

You need to change in "salesforce" section in the body:
"name" (optional, may leave as is)
"loginUrl" - put the new open here
"user" - user name for new SF instance
"password" - concatenated string pasword+token from the SF user

3. After step 2 is completed you can run some smoke tests for sync and check the status endpoint:

GET https://<envr url>


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