Configuration Validation Notice Update

Reltio is continually investing in capabilities to improve the stability and performance of Reltio Connected Cloud. An important step in this direction is Metadata Configuration Validation.  Reltio Console has been showing the errors and warnings related to your metadata configuration in your tenants. We have provided information that will help you resolve them. 


Reltio will now start enforcing these metadata configuration validations in all customer tenants in phases. It will be enforced first in your development and test tenants starting August 5th, 2020 followed by production tenants starting September 2nd, 2020. You will receive another communication from Reltio a week before we enforce it on your tenants. Once the validation check is enforced, there will be no impact on the existing tenant operations. However, any new changes to the configuration will not be saved unless all the errors on the tenant are resolved and the metadata configuration is error-free.


Configuration Validation will improve the stability and performance of your Reltio solution and will provide customers immediate feedback about potential issues in the data model. For more information please visit Reltio Documentation



Please review and resolve the configuration validation errors using these resources and prepare your tenants so that we can seamlessly enforce the validation rules. If you have questions or face issues while resolving the errors, please contact Reltio Customer Support.


Thank you,

Reltio Product Team

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