Performance issue with the GET API impacting multiple tenants

Update time: 12:05 pm PST



The services are back to Normal, we are working with our engineering team to investigate the root cause of the issue and we will provide an RCA once the investigation is complete. 


Issue reported:

Reltio services in the environment were impacted today at 8:52 am due to performance issues.

Both UI and API are temporarily facing performance issues. [UI operations and API GET calls are primarily impacted with high response times.]

Our internal monitoring and alerting systems have caught this and we are working with our internal DevOps and Engineering teams to restore the services back to normalcy.

Our other environments - test, dev, prod-usg, mpe-03, euprod-01, prod-h360 etc. are not impacted. 

We regret the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience. 

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