[Fixed]:Data Loader application: console.reltio.com issue with Data Loader application- intermittent 'error 500'


Our team has encountered an issue with the data loader services in console.reltio.com page. This issue causes the system to throw an 'error 500' making the data loader system unusable. 



All Reltio environments [Data loader console application] are impacted by this service 

Work Around:

Please note this issue is only specific to the Data loader application on the console page. Users can perform data load activities through API and ROCS utility for the time being. 


Current Status:

[01/08/2020: 3:35 pm EST]:

Our internal teams have fixed the issue and we are currently monitoring our services. You should be now able to use the data loader application from console.reltio.com. 


[01/08/2020: 1:25 pm EST]:

We have involved our engineering team to look into this with our internal DevOps team to investigate the root cause of the issue. 


We will update this notification with periodic updates based on the findings and progress on this situation. 


We apologize for the inconvenience caused. 





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