Depending upon the Data Steward's region, how will the "EDIT" or "DELETE" options show up in the dropdown list?


Is there a way to not show "EDIT" or "DELETE" options in the dropdown list in the case of a Data Steward of another region? But still, show it if the Data Steward is from the same region?


We have Data Stewards (groups) from different regions, each Data Steward can READ all records, but can only EDIT record from his Region.

group "CUSTOMER_DataSteward_US": can view all records but only edit USA records
group "CUSTOMER_DataSteward_EU": can view all records but only edit EUROPE records

Currently when our Data Stewards edit records from their region: they open the record, go on the top right of the profile, click on the drop-down list and click on edit. It works fine.
And if a Data Steward tries to edit records from another Region: they can open the record, go to the same drop-down list, and find "Edit" & " Delete".



When they click on it though, an error message appears, and they are not able to Edit nor Delete.





Technically, UI hides the Edit/Delete button based on metadata permission. 

For example:  if a user doesn’t have the right to edit or delete an entity type, then the appropriate button won’t be visible. I believe you’re talking about data permissions. In other words, you want UI to hide buttons based on role and an entity attribute value. Data permissions are not supported on UI. 

These errors message are being displayed based on the current data permission and working as expected.








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