While using ROCS utility to delete records for a specific source, should I run any job to recleanse Location entities after deleting a merge record?


The customer has a  Location Entity and there are 20K-25K records that they want to delete from a specific source.

The records from this source are merged with multiple records from different sources and I want to delete records only for a specific source.

  1. If I use the ROCS utility to delete the records are there any disadvantages or issues that may arise or may be encountered?
  2. Should I run any job like a re-cleanse job for the Location entity?
  3. Will it have any impact on the Verification status of the data after deleting the profile?

We do not want to see any discrepancy in the data post deleting the merged profile.




Any call to delete a record that has been merged with other records will delete the entire consolidated profile.  If you want to only delete the specific source crosswalk, a better approach may be to end-date that crosswalk.  End dating will cause it to no longer contribute values to the consolidated record, but that crosswalk type/value will still exist.  This means that future updates to that crosswalk value will just update the end-dated crosswalk.  If they need that crosswalk type/value to continue to live on, then the only option will be to unmerge the crosswalk before deleting it.

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