How can I get access to Analytics and Reporting?


How can I get access to Analytics and Reporting?



Thanks for your interest in the new and exciting reporting feature. This feature requires a paid subscription. Please reach out to your Customer Service manager to set up that subscription (if you have not already).

  • After that subscription has been created, open a Support ticket to "Provision/Enable Reporting and Analytics".   Make sure that you include in your support ticket all of the user names for individuals that need access to your data tables and view.  Support will need to coordinate the provisioning process with other internal teams.  The provisioning process is performed by support will include providing access to users who require access to your data.
  • NOTE:  If analytics and report have ALREADY been provision, simply open a ticket to "Allow access for Analytics and Reporting", where you have included your tenant, the dataset set that you need access to, and your user id.
  • It’s a prerequisite to have Gmail or a google associated email for reporting access, you can use your corporate email address.  However, you must associate that email address with a Google-based account.
  • Follow these steps to get that access
  • Once Support has verified that your provision is completed, you can not perform the following steps for verification.
      • Navigate to the bigquery cloud console.
      • Search for your dataset.  Under resources (located on the middle left-hand side) you can start to type the name of the tenant for either customer-facing or customer-facing-HIPAA project.


  • If you would like to perform further verification of your data, it is possible to check the following query on your data.
      • GBQ query
SELECT count(distinct Id) FROM `customer-facing-hipaa.views_riq_dw_<envirnoment>_<tenantID>.entity_Individual`, UNNEST(crosswalks) as cw where deleted = false
      • API call
GET https://<envirnoment><tenantId>/entities/_total?filter=equals(type, 'configuration/entityType/<specify type here>'
      •  Qubole script
val url = "https://<envirnoment>"
val tenant = "LNFTYbg9f6NhaLr"
val token = "<access token>"

import org.apache.spark.sql._
val aframe = AnalyticsFramework.login(sqlContext, url, tenant, token)

val df = aframe.entities(s"configuration/entityType/<specify type here>", deltaWindow = null, activeOnly = false)



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