How can I fix the fact that no address are appearing in the data tenant addresses that should be displayed in the potential match screen?


When we use the “Get Match” button in Prod and Test, we can see the DnB matches in the Potential Match screen, but they do not show address information.

In the screenshots below, you can see that DnB 021838928 is already in the tenant containing an address, but does not show one on the Potential Match screen.



The main concern of this is we need the address to help determine if these are good matches or not.


In this case, there was no address defined in the data tenant.  The customer needs to update the DnB mapping for the match.   This can be seen using the following API.


In the mapping Addresses are defined as Addresses_nested:

Revised configuration

       "primaryAddress": {
                                "streetAddress": {
                                    "line1": {
                                        "@": [
                                        "@(1,line2)": [
                                        "@(2,postalCode)": [
                                        "@(2,addressLocality)": {
                                            "name": [
                                        "@(2,addressCountry)": {
                                            "name": [
                                        "@(2,addressRegion)": {
                                            "abbreviatedName": [
                                       "#Physical": [
  • Update this mapping so there is no ​addresses_nested attribute on the tenant because the addresses are lost during the match process.
  • Then, delete existing potential matches​​ from the data tenant and execute 'Get Match' again for an entity. 



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