Why is a completely bogus address being partially verified?


We have come across a case where we see that the bogus address line 1 has been partially verified by Loqate. We wanted to understand how such addresses are even being verified by Loqate.





The presence of the zip code and country causes the address to be recognized as partially validated.  

You could tune your verification code in the mapping of your address cleanser.  You could place P(1) in the unverified section and it will process as unverified for all addresses with P1 AVC.

                                         "params": {
                                            "verificationStatusMapping": {
                                                "Ambiguous": [
                                                "Verified": [
                                                "Partially Verified": [
                                                "Reverted": [
                                                "Conflict": [
                                                "Unverified": [

As you can see in the results from Loqate, this address is defined as such an address.  
    "results": [
        "AdministrativeArea": "AL",
        "ISO3166-N": "840",
        "Thoroughfare": "Dont Know",
        "ResultClassification": "RES_REJECTED",
        "Address": "Dont Know<BR>Cant Both AL",
        "CountryName": "United States",
        "Locality": "Cant Both",
        "Address2": "Cant Both AL",
        "DeliveryAddress": "Dont Know",
        "LocalityStatus": "fsIdentifiedContext",
        "Latitude": "32.929860",
        "Address1": "Dont Know",
        "ISO3166-2": "US",
        "ISO3166-3": "USA",
        "Longitude": "-86.881300",
        "AVC": "P11-I13-P0-100",

  "AVC": "P11-I13-P0-100",

        "DeliveryAddress1": "Dont Know",
        "GeoAccuracy": "A1",
        "GeoDistance": "572472.6",
        "AdministrativeAreaStatus": "fsVerifiedNoChange",
        "ThoroughfareStatus": "fsIdentifiedContext",
        "MatchRuleLabel": "C8"
    "status": "OK"
We highly recommend that you test this on your lower environment first.  For more information regarding this definition, please refer to https://docs.reltio.com/datacleanse/addressverifiedstatus.html

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