Why do we see a update to an HCP profile when the change was made to the HCO profile?


We could see one update in the HCP Profile(8AcP1kQ) when there was a change in the HCO level Location(7xshFKP which got recently merged with 7jSxgWd)in the history slice we can see the change I am mentioning.



I tried to reproduce in UAT I changed state and City in Location associated with the HCO.

We can see the changes happened in HCO but in HCP it was not there.

So HCO Level changes for address should not be there in an Activity log of HCP.



  • We see an update on March 14th for State and City associated with the Location relationship for 8AcP1kQ.
     "City": [
                              "type": "configuration/entityTypes/Location/attributes/City",
                              "ov": true,
                              "value": "Main Town",
                              "lookupCode": "520100",
                              "lookupRawValue": "520100",
                              "uri": "entities/8AcP1kQ/attributes/Address/8DLXZ9n/City/TLvQkoCE"
  • To investigate this issue further, please execute the following API. 
GET https://<environment>.reltio.com/reltio/api/<tenantId>/entities/8AcP1kQ/_hops
  • There was an attribute change for State and City that was based on those relationships:
              "uri": "entities/8AcP1kQ/attributes/activitywith/5bmi3od",
              "refEntity": {
                  "type": "configuration/entityTypes/HCO",
                  "crosswalks": [
                          "uri": "entities/8AcP1kQ/crosswalks/7jSxgWd.Uf8wbtfN",
                           "type": "configuration/sources/VEEVA", 
                            "sourceTable": "HCO",
  • There is a relationship between HCP(8AcP1kQ) and HCO(7jSxgWd) based on Has Activity and Has Address 
          "startObject": { 
                "directionalLabel": "Has Activity", 
                "objectURI": "entities/8AcP1kQ" 
            "endObject": { 
                "directionalLabel": "Has Activity", 
                "objectURI": "entities/7jSxgWd" 


          startObject": { 
                "directionalLabel": "has address", 
                "objectURI": "entities/7jSxgWd" 
            "endObject": { 
                "directionalLabel": "locates", 
                "objectURI": "entities/6rBrTTt" 


  • As you will notice in the output from the GET /entities/_hops API call.  As you can see, 8AcP1kQ is related to 7jSxgWd using the address (or location) entity of 6rBrTTt. 
  • As you can see, an update was made on 03/14 for State and City for this address.  This then updated the HCO and HCP entities. If you continue to review the associated HCO with this location, all of the HCOs were updated on 03/14 as expected. 
  • You will notice that  State and City for the HCP entity 7O5QJvu were updated just like the 8AcP1kQ entity.





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