Why am I getting two different values - one OV value for the MDM and one OV value in GBQ or Qubole?


I want to fetch the Identifiers whose ov=true in Qubole. 

Ex: For Account ID - lLsxzn7, there are two identifiers TR3 & BR3. TR3 is having ov=false and BR3 is having ov=true. We need to get BR3 in Qubole.





  • If you are using LUD strategies and non-advanced survivorship, this is working as expected (see below)

Q7. Why am I seeing different results in Reltio MDM UI and the Reltio Data Science area following a data export?

A7. When an entity has two crosswalks with the same update, the default Last Update Date (LUD) strategy chooses random values as winners.

If this happens, the LUD strategy will need to be used as an advanced survivorship strategy. Once the physical configuration is changed, then the reindex job must be rerun with separate indexing and Reltio Analytics data must be re-synchronized.

  •  Solution 1:
    • Apply advanced survivorship strategy for LUD
"survivorshipAdvancedBehavior": [
    • Run reindex in the following manner for the production tenant.


POST https://<environment>.reltio.com/reltio/reindex?taskPartsCount=4&distributed=true&tenantId=<tenantId>&updateEntities=true&enableSeparateIndexing=true&forceIgnoreInStreaming=true
    •  We recommend that you apply a fallback strategy that will allow you to break a tie where two crosswalks arrive at the same date/time.  Fallback strategy settings will determine what strategy must be used to determine the winner if the main survivorship strategy couldn’t determine them or found a lot of them.
"fallbackStrategies": [
"attribute": "configuration/entityTypes/Organization/attributes/Identifiers/attributes/Type",
"survivorshipStrategy": "MinValue"






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