Why is AWS S3 move is failing with a file move error?


We are getting an access denied error while we  are trying to move a file from one location to another. Below is the command and screenshot.

Nature of the error : This process of moving a file work fine when the file size is less and happens when the sizes are in MBs.

This is causing an issue for our archival process and is failing our batches. 

aws s3 mv s3://ih-m0dqnwm-prod/Inbound/ACCOUNT_CDH_20230521161321000.CSV s3://ih-m0dqnwm-prod/Archive/Inbound/ACCOUNT_CDH_20230521161321000.CSV 

--profile Reltio_AWS_S3
move failed: s3://ih-m0dqnwm-prod/Inbound/ACCOUNT_CDH_20230521161321000.CSV to s3://ih-m0dqnwm-prod/Archive/Inbound/ACCOUNT_CDH_20230521161321000.CSV An error occurred (AccessDenied) when calling the GetObjectTagging operation: Access Denied



Add the following actions to your access policy:



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