Why is the DVF function not working as expected when I am using an attributed that uses lookup values?


The requirement is to check 4-character alphanumeric value between brackets should be present for an attribute called Company Code. I am implementing this through Data Validation Function using regular expressions, while the regular expression is working correctly outside of Reltio environment but when I am implementing the same regular expression inside Reltio it is failing.

Regular Expression used: \([A-Z0-9]{4}\)


working regex.png




  • Check the definition of the attribute in the entity definition
"label": "Arnott's Bidco Pty Ltd",

"value": {
"CompanyCode": [
"type": "configuration/entityTypes/Organization/attributes/Company/attributes/CompanyCode",
"ov": true,
"value": "Arnott's Bidco Pty Ltd",
"lookupCode": "3282",
"lookupRawValue": "3282",
"uri": "entities/00P3xKt/attributes/Company/1w34DLP/CompanyCode/1w34Hbf"
  • Check the definition of the DVF validation rule
exists(attributes.Company.value.CompanyCode.value) and not regexp(attributes.Company.value.CompanyCode.lookupCode, '\\([A-Z0-9]{4}
  • If you are using a lookup, this should be changed to:
exists(attributes.Company.value.CompanyCode.value) and not regexp(attributes.Company.value.CompanyCode.lookupCode,'\d{4}')
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