Why is the fuzzy DVF function returning a true state for a partial string value?


We tried to create a fuzzy DVF for the Middle name as below:


fuzzy(attributes.MiddleName.value, 'Matew')


The input value provided for the Middle Name attribute for the profile is Matewteret.


As per the documentation (https://docs.reltio.com/en/explore/get-going-with-apis-and-rocs-utilities/reltio-rest-apis/engage-apis/search-api/fuzzy-filtering), the above case should not fall under any of the below scenarios:


The number of changes allowed to be considered a match depends on the length of the search term:

  • Search terms for one to two characters long use exact match.
  • Search terms three to five characters long will match if only one change is required.
  • Search terms six characters or longer will match if one or two changes are required.

However, we believe the DVF is triggered for the above sample, and a specified warning message popped up in UI.



 The current logic for DVF fuzzy search checks if the attribute value contains the DVF filter condition. Matewteret contains the DVF filter value Matew and returns a warning.  The fuzzy match is not the same as the fuzzy search.  The current implementation for DVF is the fuzzy search, not the fuzzy match.  For example, for the below DVF filter, the entity with MiddleName Matewteret contains the DVF filter value Matew and returns a warning on the UI console.   

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