Determining how long it takes for lookups to be refreshed in MDM


If "cached": false" is not mentioned in the rdmconfig section,  then MDM-RDM connection with cache is used, and if a new lookup code is added, then the synch in the MDM tenant is not immediate.

The question is how much of an interval will elapse before MDM is refreshed. Knowing how much time will elapse before lookups are refreshed helps with preparation for downstream publishing.


  • For MDM-RDM with cache (if MDM keeps a copy of RDM lookups). MDM checks changes on the RDM side every 10 minutes (this value can be configured for the environment).
  • After that synchronization process starts (time for this process depends on RDM tenant size, network time, etc).
  • Synchronization usually ends within 20 minutes

How to get information about synchronization status:

  1.  GET: {{env_uri}}/reltio/api/{{mdm_tenant_name}}/status/rdmStats
  2. When all is OK, status becomes: "READY_TO_USE"


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