Why am I receiving "app.workato.com refused to connect"


I have Reltio Integration Hub enabled but I am receiving "app.workato.com refused to connect". Why?


You may be receiving this issue if you are on incognito/private mode or blocking all 3rd party cookies


Cross-site tracking

Browsers’ tracking protection mechanisms may, at times, block the Workato IFrame content from loading. The browser must thus be configured to allow cookie access in a third-party context.
Select Allow all cookies to allow the Workato IFrame to load


  • Google Chrome: Enable all cookies. Note that Google Chrome blocks third-party cookies in Incognito mode by default. If loading a page with the Workato IFrame in Incognito, select Allow all cookies in your Chrome Settings > Privacy & Security > Cookies and other site data.

    Apple Safari: Disable 'Prevent cross-site tracking' in Settings > Privacy.


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