How does DTSS do matching?


How does DTSS do matching?


DTSS is configured to use a subset of the match rules configured in the DT.

DT match rules are never setup as automerge, but DTSS can be configured to utilize any of the match rules in an auto-merge mode, which if automatically merges the crosswalk of the DT into the CT.

Automatch rules at the DT level determine when a DT entity should be automatically matched to a CT entity. One DT record can be matched to one CT record.

DTSS can provide automerge and potential matches to a CT. Because DTSS assumes that a DT already contains deduplicated records, it is very careful to enable an automerge only when all of the automerge match rules agree on one and only one match from the DT. After a successful DTtoCT merge, Reltio Connected Cloud displays any subsequent DT matches for the CT Profile as potential matches, and will not automerge.



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