Why do I have more matches showing in the potential match panel than I expected?


We are seeing ovemerges in our tenant. One example is this record.




The only match that will merge here is XkjU00f.  The other two are transitive matches.  You can verify this by performing a verifyMatch on those entities that are transitive matches.

curl --location --request POST 'https://test.reltio.com/reltio/api/doD8HMqwov1AWww/entities/_verifyMatches?rules=configuration/entityTypes/Contact/matchGroups/ExactZip5FirstNameLastNameAddressLine1&show=full' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer 6cb20faf-db90-447d-b5bb-14abd593c3e9' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"first": {
"uri": "entities/10ghnhh8"



Here is some glossary for Transitive Matches:

  • Match. The term means that the two entities are considered the same according to one or more match rules configured for an entity type.
  • Transitive Match. Let's consider an example.
    • An entity type has two match rules: MR1 and MR2.
    • There are three entities A, B, C.
    • A matches B by the MR1
    • B matches C by the MR2
    • A does not match C by any match rule
    • In this case, A does not match C directly but it does match C through B. This is what is called transitive match.
  • direct. The match is considered as direct if the two entities are considered the same by any match rule (Match). The match is considered as non-direct if the two entities match transitively.
  • deep. This parameter allows specifying how many hops are allowed to detect transitive matches.deep=1means that no transitive matches will be found, direct matches only.deep=2means that transitive matches that have one intermediate entity will be found (as in the case above A->B->C).deep=5means that the following transitive matches can be found: A->B1->B2->B3->B4->C.
  • shortestTransitiveMatchPath. This is the path showing the hops from one entity to another, the path from A to C as in the example above. Depending on the match rules configuration, on the entities several paths are possible. The Reltio platform shows the shortest one.

In the classic view "Show Transitive Matches" option was not selected but in the new view this option was selected and because of that, you are able to see 14 potential matches. After unselecting this option from the new view I can see only 3 potential matches. 


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