Will the entities retain the same Entity ID/Reltio ID after an Unmerge?


Will the entities, which were merged automatically/manually, retain the same entity ID after the entities are unmerged?



When two entities or profiles are merged in Reltio with Reltio ID/Entity ID, R1 (older profile) and R2 (newer profile), the merged profile will have the Reltio ID R1 of the older profile.

Note: When merging using API request, the entity id that will be a winner can be chosen using explicitWinner parameter

Should these two entities or profiles be unmerged, both the entities will have ids from before the merge.

Customers should make it a practice to try these requests in their lower environment always. 

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  • The answer above notes that the oldest Reltio ID is chosen to be used for the new merged profile. Is that selection of the Reltio ID done in the merge process or in survivorship (which follows the merge process)?


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