How can I filter both entity and relations event in the queue?



I added this filter onto our external queue


But after adding that filter we no longer receive relationship events. We do receive entity created, changed, etc. However none of the relationship events are being emitted after adding this filter.

Can you please explain why and how I should alter the filter so we can filter by "type" and receive all of the events on our service bus?



The filter that you have applied will not allow any relations to be passed to the queue.  The objectFilter property defines the filter expression for the event object. The event will NOT be sent to a destination if the object doesn’t match with the filter. The expression structure is the same as for search filters.
In the case you are asking, only configuration/entityTypes/Organization can be passed.  No relation will have a type of configuration/entityTypes/Organization. 

The filtering of the queue matches the same filter condition ability that can be used for filtering entities or filtering relations. 

It is possible to change the filter to:

equals(type,"configuration/entityTypes/Organization") OR 
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