Enabling RIQ to show L3 configuration changes


Updates to L3 configuration are not reflected in Reltio IQ (RIQ) in near real-time. Instead, L3 changes are not reflected in RIQ until 4 or 5 hours have elapsed.

This behavior was noticed when adding a new attribute (FirstName) and changing data type(String to Date OR Date to String) for one attribute.


Do we need to perform any tasks if we update/add a new attribute in the L3 configuration to reflect that in RIQ without a significant lag?


RIQ caches L3 configuration. This L3 configuration cache can be reloaded by executing the following line of code in Spark:


Whenever you have an L3 configuration change, reload the L3 configuration in RIQ with the above step before initializing AnalyticsFramework. This should resolve the issue.


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