How to fix the existing data when you add Matchfield URI in L3 configuration


MatchFieldURI configuration(L3 configuration change) is not working for existing data in reltio UI. 

We are trying to remove the duplicate Range id (Nested Attribute in ABC Entity) data from the Reltio. 
We have added L3 configuration for Range_id nested attribute

"matchFieldURIs": [ 

which is not helping us to remove the duplicate Range id for the Existing Data and working only when the record is updated


We need to perform the "Remove attribute duplicate " task to fix the existing records in the tenant based on the MatchfiledURI

Remove attribute duplicate: 

This task removes duplicate values for attributes (that is, when value is the same, but URI is different), which may appear during simultaneous updates of the same object.

Here is the below sample API,

POST {ApplicationURL}/api/{tenantId}/removeAttributeDuplicates

Here is the Help Portal documentation link:

Please note, Other periodic tasks like (Reindex, ES consistency check tasks) will not help here. we need to run  "Remove attribute duplicate" in this scenario.


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