What happens if I see corruptedObjects in a reindex task and what should I do?


While reindexing, the user receives the following error message:

"corruptedObjects": [



Check the entity using the following GET expression:

GET {{tenantURL}}/entities/8qrnUJs?options=sendHidden,addRefAttrUriToCrosswalka

In this case, it returns:

"severity": "Error",
"errorMessage": "Crosswalk 'type' property missed For Crosswalk \"entities/8qrnUJs/crosswalks/GMbAcwgi\" doesn't found sourceType \"configuration/sources/CC\" .",
"errorCode": 124,
"errorDetailMessage": "Crosswalk 'type' property missed."

To resolve the error, do the following:

1. Find and delete all entities with the "configuration/sources/CC" crosswalk type (or just delete these crosswalks from affected entities).

2. Return this source type back to the L3 configuration.


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