When Rebuild Match Token rules are executed in distributed mode, how many parallel jobs can we run?


How many parallel jobs can we run in distributed mode when a Rebuild Match Token Job is executed?


Query Rebuild match rules can be run in distributed mode, the number of job parts depends on the API nodes.  This configuration is present in tenant physical configuration.  In the physical configuration refer to the parameter: "maxTaskPartsCount". Default value for "maxTaskPartsCount" is 8.

Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Required Description
tenantId Yes ID of the tenant to rebuild match table.
entityType No Entity type to check. All types are checked if this parameter is not specified.
skipEntitiesCount No Number of entities which are skipped during reindexing. Default value: 0.
entitiesLimit No Number of entities which are processed during reindexing. Default value: infinity.
distributed No If set to true, the task runs in distributed mode (refer to Distributed Mode). Default value is false.
taskPartsCount No Number of tasks which are created for distributed reindexing. Each task will reindex its own part of objects, and all of them can be executed on different API nodes in parallel. Recommended value: count of API nodes which can execute the tasks. Default value: 2.
Note: This parameter is used only in distributed mode (distributed=true); otherwise, it is ignored.
deleteOldCF No If set to true, the task deletes old matching Column Family after it is completed. Default value: false.
distributedTaskIndex No

Default value: none.

1 <= distributedTaskIndex <= taskPartsCount

rebuildInBackground No Default value: false.
POST {ApplicationURL}/api/{tenantId}/rebuildmatchtable?distributed=true




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