How to investigate Data Loader "Failed to parse content as JSON" error?


We have done an ingestion or data load using the data loader. We are facing an issue: "Failed to parse content as JSON". We have tried using command prompt also, but still facing the same issue.


We have an input file with say 200 records, and a test tenant to run the data load. The data load with this file fails with "Failed to parse content as JSON" error. 

  1. First of all, we need to find an exact record in the file which caused the error. To do this we need to split the file into 2 parts and run dataload with each part. One of them will fail. Then we need to get the failed file and split again. Repeat these operations until we found the affected record. As a result, we should get dataload input file with 1 record only. 
  2. We can validate the JSON by any JSON validation tool. If it passes the validation we should run the POST /entities or /relations request, depending on what type of object was loaded, with the parameters from data loader (e.g. partialOverride)
  3. The above steps should help to identify the affected record.
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