How do I migrate from Export API v1 to v2?


How do I migrate from using export v1 to Spark-based export (v2)?


Changing the export version in the physical configuration of a tenant is not enough for switching version to V2, this also requires migration, which includes configuration of the RIQ. This migration is done by Reltio Internal team, and involves the following steps:

  1. Internal validation of environment for Spark export
  2. Performing various steps for RIQ migration, done via our internal team
  3. Enabling the analytics (RI) in the tenant's physical configuration
  4. Executing internal RIQ consistency jobs
  5. Changing the exportVersion in the physical config to "v2"

The current version V1 is under the deprecation process and will be deprecated in February 2020. However, if you want to keep the version in the physical configuration as v1 and use Export v2 in the API, you can do so by explicitly specifying the version within API itself to override the tenant version in the tenant configuration:

Standard Export API -

POST {{ExportServiceURL}}/export/{{tenant}}/entities

Export API with V2 -

POST {{ExportServiceURL}}/v2/export/{{tenant}}/entities


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