Can we use Distributed and PartSize Parameter in Export V2?


In Export V2 Version can we use Distributed and PartSize Parameter? And when to use these parameters?


Distributed - 

Export V2 version doesn't have an option to use Distributed Parameter as by default V2 Version always executes in Distributed Mode.

The export task is divided based on parts. Parts can be executed in parallel on different nodes. 

partSize -

This parameter indicates the human-readable part size and is applied only when skipPostprocessing=false. The service splits the result files depending on this setting

The minimum size of one result file is 100 MB, so as the requester, you are not able to specify the partSize parameter as less than 104857600‬ bytes (100 megabytes). If you do not specify the partSize parameter, the size of the resulting file is unlimited, and the Export Service works as before. In the case when you do not specify the partSize parameter, after completion of an Export job, you will receive an email notification with a link to the Export results.


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