Why is an attribute value being overridden rather than merge? It has a survivorship defined as aggregation.


New entities that are loaded are not auto merging, they are overriding the data.

Test 1/1/2021 ingestion ID-10, source-RTMS (Current record)
Test 1/1/2021 ingestion ID - 11, source NASCO Xwalk (A loaded record)

Both have the same Identifier that should make them auto-merge. I have tried to load with different sex for them to become a potential match.

The final record in Reltio each time just becomes the loaded record with no trace of the current record in Reltio. 

Initial Loaded Record


Added Record




1.  In the mapping defined, you did not define any crosswalk for NASCO SOURCE.  We changed the mapping to follow your current mapping and added a crosswalk.

2.  We made a change in the L3 definition to include NASCO-CROSSWALK in sourcesForOv

"attribute": "configuration/entityTypes/Person/attributes/DoB",
"sourcesUriOrder": [
"sourcesForOv": [

3.  Now I load BCBSMA-RTMS and I apply crosswalk mapping to that load.

4.  As you can see from my sandbox, the ingression id is not overridden 


We noticed that the fallback strategies block is present, but fallbackUsingCriteria is missing. 
We have this note in the documentation:

Attention: The sourcesForOv parameter always narrows the set of allowed sources in fallback strategy mapping, if parent mapping has the parameter options as sourcesForOv['src1', 'src2', 'src3'], then the fallback's mapping must be a subset of parent mapping; for example, ['src1', 'src3']; otherwise, fallback will not consider any operational value.

This means that the fallback strategy will not select a value with a crosswalk, not from this sourcesForOv list. 





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