What API can I use to see merges that were performed for a specific date range and for a specific entity type?


On the dashboard, we can see that about 3211 auto-merges happened on tenant since we ran the API on December 7 (2353 auto-merges on that day); How can we get this count segregated for HCO, HCP, Plan, etc?


There is not an API that will give you the total number of merges.  However, the following API will give you the entities that have been merged on the fly

Please refer to https://docs.reltio.com/relationsapi/searchrelationeventswithcursor.html

POST https://361.reltio.com/reltio/api/iCCaXGMR7nwj5Kj/entities/_events/_scan?filter=(equals(entity_type, 'HCO') AND gt(timestamp, 1638507600000)  AND contains(eventType, '*MERGED*')  

This will show HCO entities that fit the following criteria.

  • ENTITIES_MERGED: the entity was merged by the platform with some other entities.

  • ENTITIES_MERGED_MANUALLY: the entity was merged by the user's _sameAs request.

  • ENTITIES_MERGED_ON_THE_FLY: a phantom entity was merged with the entity.

If you were subscribed to Reporting and Analytics for the tenant, this breakdown would easily available.

As you can see below, if you had Analytics and Reporting, merge information by entityType would be easily retrieved.  


Since match and merge is a crucial part of the Reltio system, the merges_source and matches_source tables in Reltio Analytics are provided out-of-the-box for each tenant.


After match and merge take place in the Reltio Platform, a new record is created in the merges_source table. The structure of this table is as follows:


  • mergeKey - This is the same as the loserId.
  • winnerId - The entity ID of the winner record in the merge.
  • loserId - The entity ID of the loser record in the merge.
  • matchRules - List of the match rule URIs that played a role in matching these records before they got merged.
  • timestamp - The timestamp of the event that occurred during merging.
  • type - The type of event that occurred. MANUAL type for merging manually, AUTO type if the tenant is configured to merge these records without explicit approval, and SPLIT type for an unmerge.
  • mergeRulesUris - The URI of the merge rules. The configuration/entityTypes/Organization/matchGroups/FuzzyNameExactAddress URI corresponds to the match rule defined in your L3 under the Organization entity type.
  • insertedTime - Timestamp of match or merge being inserted in the GBQ streaming table. For a GBQ batch table, insertedTime is equal to the timestamp field.


The matches_source table contains data about matches found by the rules defined in the L3. The structure of the table is as follows:

  • matchKey - A combination of the sourceId and targetId separated by a column.
  • sourceId - The entity ID of the source entity.
  • targetId - The entity ID of the target entity.
  • matchRules - The match rule used for matching records before they are merged. For events generated after a potential match is removed, the matchRules column displays the name of the removed potential match rule. For example:
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