How can I get the unmerge to recreate the autogenerated ID?


For the Individual entity, we have an attribute 'PersonID' which is an autogenerated ID.

There are samples where we have more than one entity merged together. 


Now we delete the person id for one of the crosswalks. API used for deleting the particular attribute for a particular crosswalk is also provided.

Now we unmerge the crosswalk for which the Person ID is deleted. After that, we noticed the Person ID which is an autogenerated ID does not get populated again.




This is expected behavior.  You removed the attribute.  In this case, the personId is the attribute that you are deleting (as you can see below).

      "uri": "activities/a00b4fa8-7416-4738-a7f3-f97ff442e920",
      "user": ",
      "label": "",
      "description": "",
      "timestamp": 1648489712694,
      "items": [
              "id": "2uMbrUCL",
              "user": "",
              "method": "DELETE",
              "url": "/reltio/api/<tenantId>/entities/10aam3Rn/attributes/PersonId/4GeU0NZE4",
              "clientType": "UNKNOWN",
              "timestamp": 1648489712694,
              "objectUri": "entities/10aam3Rn",
              "objectType": "configuration/entityTypes/Individual",
              "objectLabel": "",
              "data": {
                  "type": "ENTITY_CHANGED"
              "deltaCollection": {
                  "ovChanged": false,
                  "delta": [
                          "type": "ATTRIBUTE_REMOVED",
                          "attributeType": "configuration/entityTypes/Individual/attributes/PersonId",
                          "oldValue": {
                              "value": "72242093",
                              "ov": false,
                              "id": "4GeU0NZE4",
                              "sources": [
              "eventId": "1648489712694_uO0zZJq"
      "itemsTotal": 1

For more information, please refer to

The platform sees the deletion of a crosswalk attribute value and the unmerge as two completely unrelated and separate operations. Our merge and unmerge actions will not trigger an auto-generation.  

You can recreate the attribute PersonId by using: 

POST //entities

    "attributes": {
      "ID": [
          "value": "<next autogenerated value>"
    "type": "configuration/entityTypes/Object1",
    "crosswalks": [
        "type": "configuration/sources/FB",
        "value": "obj_gen"
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