What are areas that you should review if the match rule is not finding the expected match?


As per the configuration, The below entity IDs are not getting auto merged.


We have checked the verify matches API. 



  • Verify that thr match should be found and matched for the configurated automatic fule for the profiles using the following API
GET https://<environment>.com/reltio/api/<tenant>/entities/16AQvDe4/_matches
  • Determine if the match is returning true back from the Verify Match API.
POST https://<envirnoment>.reltio.com/reltio/api/<tenant>/entities/_verifyMatches?rules=configuration/entityTypes/Organization/matchGroups/Rule1&show=full&documentsFromDatabase=true

Where the result returns 

"matched": true,
"matchedByDocuments": true
  • Determine that there are no inconsistencies in the match in storage.
POST {ApplicationURL}/api/{tenantId}/matchCassandraConsistencyCheck
  • Check for any error being produced in LogDNA.  If we see something similar to the following.
User: arn:aws:iam::682505635934:user/application_key is not authorized 
to perform: lambda:InvokeFunction on resource:
because no identity-based policy allows the lambda:InvokeFunction action
(Service: AWSLambda; Status Code: 403; Error Code: AccessDeniedException;
Request ID: fdf98cd8-565b-4525-90aa-0db0abe35f96)]. 1 errors occurred during
Life Cycle Action execution:

This would mean that the awsAccessKey and awsSecretKey are missing in the tenant physical config thus causing the LCA to fail to execute and stop the merge.




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