How can I download a LCA jar file when I am getting a "connection isn't private" error?


I am trying to download jar files from life-cycle-sample: , but I am getting error as shown in below snapshot.




a.  Please clear your cache and open it in incognito mode.
b.  Follow this link to make your connection private as defined in this link.
c.  Re-create a new Life Cycle Action

  • Create a new Java project based on the source files of the current repository "life-cycle-sample"
  • Change the GroupId, ArtifactId, and Version inside the pom.xml file.
  • Add the settings.xml file to the .m2 folder of the current user - Download file


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<settings xmlns=""
  • Build the project (for example, execute mvn clean package) to get a JAR file.


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