How to configure Address Cleanser Verification Status (AVC) and how does that configuration function?


How Location address cleanse AVC codes works and how to configure depending on the requirement


The AVC (Address Verification Code) is a string of characters separated by hyphen characters which represents the level of accuracy of cleansed addresses based on input fields. There are four categories of verification codes

  1. Verified (Code starts with V)
  2. Ambiguous (Code starts with A)
  3. Unverified (Code starts with U)
  4. Partially Verified (Code Starts with P)
  5. Conflict (Code Starts with C)
  6. Reverted (Code Starts with R)

Locations that are returned with verified or ambiguous codes are added with Reltio Data Cleanser Crosswalk to the entity, for the other 2 verification codes a crosswalk shall not be added by Reltio

Based on the AVC codes returned by the Loqate, Reltio provides a way to configure and customize the behavior of setting the "Verification Status" attribute value. This configuration can be made at 2 levels

Tenant Physical configuration - This configuration is performed in the tenant physical configuration to determine the Loqate key, type of cleansing (CASS, SERP...), and additional high-level configuration for the address cleansing services. 


 L3 (business configuration) - This is at the tenant level and supersedes environment level configuration. This configuration can be made in 2 places: physical configuration and metadata configuration. If Reltio finds the configuration in metadata L3 level, it supersedes the configuration given in the physical configuration

Tenant level configuration for Address Cleansing:

Below is the sample configuration and can be customized. More details about this AVC code can be found on this web site -

    "verificationStatusMapping": {
        "Ambiguous": [
        "Verified": [
        "Partially Verified": [
        "Reverted": [
        "Conflict": [
        "Unverified": [




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