How to recleanse data for a tenant?


How do I re-cleanse address data for a tenant when that seems necessary?


Points to Remember

  • Only re-cleanse an address if the pre-cleaning (pre-cleansing) version of the address has changed.
  • Only re-cleanse an address if the address hasn't been cleansed since the last update from the Address cleaning provider, or for a previously specified time period.
  • We need to ROLE_TENANT_ADMIN to run the below API
  • Run the below API and use the required parameters
POST {ApplicationURL}/api/{tenantId}/cleanse


entityType -->An entity type to check (all types will be checked if this parameter is absent). 
If provided, restricts re-cleanse to a specific entity type.
skipEntitiesCount --> A number of entities, which will be skipped during the re-cleanse. Default is 0.
updatedSince --> Timestamp in UNIX format. If this parameter is specified, then only entities with greater or equal timestamp will be re-cleansed.
distributed --> If set to true, the task will be run in distributed mode Default value: false.
taskPartsCount --> Number of tasks which will be created for distributed re-cleansing, each task will cleanse its own part of objects, and all of them may be executed on different API nodes in parallel.

Recommended value: Count of API nodes which can execute the tasks.
Default value: 2

For example: 


Note: Loqate is providing releases several times in a year. A schedule can be found:

You can check with the Support team the latest version in use.



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